Why A Focus on Lack Stops Growth in its Tracks

One of the things that we must guard ourselves against very carefully is focusing too much on lack. What does this mean? Focusing on what we don’t have, won’t get, will or might lose, etc. We do it everyday, likely multiple times a day.

The reason this is so unhelpful is it takes us directly out of alignment with our original true nature, which is sourced in love. “The energy of love knows no bounds”– you may have heard it said before. Well its true! And anytime we choose, consciously or not, to focus our attention on what we lack, we step out of the powerful stream of peace, ease, and freedom that is constantly available to us by the very nature of who we are. We step away from our truth and into the thinking of the world– the muck of fear, doubt, and limitations. We step out of the present moment, and out of our very being-ness.

Can you think of some ways you have caught yourself in a lack mindset in the last week? Write them down if you can. This will help you remember not to fall prey to the patterns of the fearful mind again and again.

Remember, it is natural to be human, and this means to fall into our own traps every once in awhile. Or everyday! But when we get conscious of this one single thought-form, we can begin to choose anew. We can decide for ourselves to choose love over lack. “I choose to learn from love instead of this.” Feel into your body as you repeat the above words to yourself. Let your body tell you for yourself how much wisdom and strength, peace and power, these simple words hold.

Lack is the way of the world. Love is the way of our spirit, our source, and our true selves. Which one will you choose today?

Natalie Foster, MA-MFT, ATR, is a Registered Art Therapist and Intuitive Mentor serving adult clients in Phoenix, Arizona. True Self Institute, LLC, also offers art-making groups, networking events for therapists and other professionals, and one-one online coaching support for those not living in Arizona. Visit http://www.trueselfinstitute.com for more information.

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