Intuitive Healing


In addition to therapy and mentoring services, I also offer intuitive healing sessions which utilize Usui Holy Fire II Reiki, my own intuitive guidance, and other energy grounding tools. Usui Holy Fire II is a type of Reiki which is gentle and powerful at the same time. I essentially channel Christ-Consciousness energy through the chakras in my hands to work on your energy body wherever needed. We may speak throughout the session if you or I feel there is something we would like to verbalize to help you work through blocks. It can help you to better understand yourself and what you are working through. Some people prefer for the session to remain completely quiet and debrief afterward; I am fine with either way. Wear loose-fitted, comfortable clothing and know that I will be working on your energy body on a massage table. I can absolutely use non-touch Reiki and other energy-grounding methods if you prefer. This type of session may be used in addition to therapy or mentoring services, however Reiki and energy healing makes for a great treatment on its own.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have at 602-429-9030.


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