Reiki Healing


Note that I AM NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS as I am primarily and indefinitely focusing on being a mom. Please keep an eye out for community groups and events as I plan to offer those in the near future.

Perhaps you want the benefits of energy healing work without committing to therapy or a longer-term mentoring relationship. I also offer intuitive healing sessions which utilize Usui Holy Fire III Reiki, my own intuitive guidance, and other energy grounding tools. Usui Holy Fire III is a type of Reiki which is gentle and powerful at the same time. I channel Christ-Consciousness energy to work on your energy and physical body wherever needed. We may speak throughout the session if you or I feel there is something we would like to verbalize to help you recognize or work through blocks.

Reiki is a phenomenal healing tool which can help you to better understand yourself and what you are working through. It is gentle and calming, yet incredibly effective. Wear loose-fitted, comfortable clothing and know that I will be working on your energy body on a massage table. I can absolutely use no-touch Reiki and other energy-grounding methods if you prefer. This type of session may be used in addition to therapy or mentoring services, however Reiki and energy healing makes for a great treatment on its own.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have at 602-429-9030.

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