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My name is Natalie, and I have quite a story to share with you. In 2012, while I was getting my training as a therapist, I went through a period of eight months which I can only describe as Hell-on-Earth. It happened due to a perfect-storm combination of personal changes, Lyme disease, and what I now know was a case of spiritual emergency. I was a total wreck! Imagine me having panic attacks, mental confusion and post-traumatic stress disorder, eating and sleep issues, hormonal imbalance, and dealing with musculoskeletal issues which made it hard for me to get up off the floor without feeling like I was falling apart. I was absolutely terrified and truly felt like I had lost myself.

It was only after many months of suffering that someone close to me finally convinced me to speak with a spiritual healer. It was a one-hour session over the phone, and it spurred a revolutionary, overnight healing that would change the way I looked at spirituality– and my own work with clients– forever.

I truly now know that underneath all of our pain lies a solution— an answer— and that a large part of that solution lies in accepting all of ourselves, forgiving/letting go of our past pain, and healing the energy of our own human heart. I am living, breathing proof of that.

Since undergoing my powerful experience, I have made it my mission to dedicate myself to understanding the interconnected worlds of psychological, physical, and spiritual healing, and how this understanding can help us live kinder lives toward ourselves and others. Through a practice of self-study, working under a variety of mentors and intuitive healers, and accruing specific trainings and certifications, I have become an expert at blending Spiritual and energetic principles into the work that I do as a therapist in an ethical, healthy, and balanced way. I am also interested in how issues of a spiritually-rooted nature can impact us mentally and physically, and enjoy helping clients set themselves free from outdated patterns and old pain. Of course I also continue to learn much from my practice with clients, and from the ever-unfolding journey of my own healing and transformation.


Natalie Foster, MA-MFT, ATR, is a registered art therapist with a background of study in marriage and family therapy. She has a passion for helping others discover their own innate potential. By letting go of old stories and beliefs, and harnessing the power of clarity, you can create real, lasting, positive change. After undergoing her own profound spiritual healing in 2013, Natalie has made it her mission to share her broader understanding with those who she works with, and uses her intuitive gifts in a way that she can most joyfully serve others. Natalie also works as an art therapist (#17-381) and a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#10486) under supervision with Integrative Art Therapy, PLLC, a Phoenix-based private practice where she sees families, couples, teens, and children using art therapy and other behavioral health modalities. She is the sub art therapist at The Meadows Outpatient Center in Scottsdale. She is also the President-Elect of the Arizona Art Therapy Association, and regularly participates in education and advocacy outreach throughout the state. In addition to a professional networking group, classes/workshops, and community art-making groups for the Institute, Natalie also offers private, one-on-one art therapy and intuitive mentoring services,  tailoring her sessions to fit your individual needs.

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