Within You Lies the Real You…

Here on Earth, we live in a cloud bank of fear and insecurity. For a varying and great number of reasons, we humans are easily susceptible to falling into denser, more negative thought forms, beliefs, and feelings. These things can create a range of resulting spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical maladies. This is the original fear which stems from not remembering who we are… how awesome, blessed, unlimited, and loved we truly are. The wisdom ringing through all of the great religions and philosophies is that our true nature– our True Self– stems from love.

We are infinitely loved, and we are beings of that love, which is the only thing that will exist forever.

Yet we do not see, nor do we often act on this this clearly, as we are in a state of near-constant illusion. Throughout our lives we may become more blind to the love and more often see only the fear, doubt, or negativity. We let the pestering voice of our insecurity, our victim, or our own self-hatred influence our lives way too much. Even if by chance things seem to go our way for awhile, that lingering influence always comes back, like a mosquito that just won’t quit, threatening to suck out our very life force. It impacts our careers, our lifestyles, our relationships, our dreams, our energy and inspiration. It sucks out our sense of purpose and clarity, keeping our wheels spinning in the muck of fear-driven behaviors, thoughts, and outcomes.

But like a cloud bank, you should know that much of the stuff we let control us was never actually solid, real, or tangible. Most often, it is purely mental.

Did you know that for much of this lived experience, you are actually in control? You might not like hearing this. In outrage, you might cry out, “You don’t understand! You don’t know what I’ve been through! You can’t imagine all the things I have tried to do to break through, how many doctors or specialists I have seen, how many books I have read, classes I have taken!” My response to you is simple: You have been what you needed all along. You are the one you have been looking for to save you.

You are the answer. Nobody else. Just you.

Do you have what it takes to step into your power? Absolutely! There is no other answer. But we often forget that we even have that power. Which makes it pretty clear why we forget that we have what it takes to own it, claim it, become it, and finally live the life and purpose, feel the peace and connection, experience and implement the inspiration that we were always meant to. So if we’ve forgotten who and what we are, then how will we even know how to start?

Lets take a look together.


Close your eyes and ask to be shown the best version of yourself.

Don’t try to force anything, just stay open and curious. What do you see? Jot down any notes, images, or answers you may see or hear, or impressions you may get.

When you tap into your true nature, you may be surprised at what you receive. You may not think it possible to exist in such a way, or perhaps your answers bother you or upset you in some way. Perhaps you didn’t feel you could receive any answer. All of this is possible. What is not possible is your freedom– not alongside your willingness to stay in pain as long as you have. Aren’t you tired of feeling scared, sad, sick, or unfulfilled?

Don’t you want to know what it feels like to live the life you deserve, and actually believe that you deserve it? Do you want to know what it feels like to appreciate the people in your life, and feel a lasting connection to your greater self while serving others?

I want all of these things for you, and trust me, you are worth it!

This is why I consider myself a lamp lighter. I may be a therapist, an art therapist, a mentor, an energy-worker, a healer. I don’t mainly look at it like this, however. I see myself as a lighter of lamps. You are a lamp, as is everyone else. I have been learning how to light my own, and now I am serving one of my True Self purposes by doing the thing that I absolutely love, that brings me so much internal passion and joy that I am literally obsessed with it– serving others by helping them wake up to their own light.


My main mission is to light up as many lamps as I can, so that those lamps can go out into the world and light others, and they can light others, and so on and so forth.

This is how the purpose of the soul, the True Self, can heal our world. This is how we may begin to peel back the veil of illusion, the cloud bank of fear and insecurity. And it all begins with you.

Now imagine in your mind once more the best version of yourself. What do you see in your way? What is blocking you, keeping you stuck or afraid? Is what you see familiar to you? Does it bring up old memories or feelings? Be sure to record anything you see or experience.

Everyone was born perfect to accomplish what they wanted to in this world, but we all pick up baggage which drags us down and tires us out. I am here to help you to learn to let go of that baggage and step into your new story– your TRUE story.

We will walk together to make these discoveries, if you choose to honor me with the privilege of becoming your curious companion. We will work through the doubts and fears, helping you to learn from and disconnect from your old stories. We will work to finally understand and uncover the truth you had inside of you all along, helping you to empower your awakening, and unblock your energy field in a way that feels gentle, calm, and fueled by your insights. The light of your own awareness is what we are lighting you up with, after all.

Once we have felt the call to learn more about ourselves, about our potential, and our greater meaning, there is no going back. The call will feel different for everybody– for some it comes from the constantly felt ache, or piercing dagger of a life left unlived. For some it may be like a crushing overwhelm in some form, or just knowing that you need to do things differently.

Others may feel a subtle, even pleasurable drive of curiosity and a desire to learn. To grow and expand.

If you are reading this, it is there. You have felt the call. I now invite you to listen.

Will you join me in this journey? Will you answer the call? I will be here, waiting, with absolute love, joy, and gratitude in my heart, for when you decide.

If you are interested in working with Natalie via one-on-one intuitive mentoring or soul-focused art psychotherapy in Phoenix, AZ, call 602-429-9030 or visit our contact page at http://www.trueselfinstitute.com.
Natalie Foster, MA-MFT, ATR, is a Registered Art Therapist and Intuitive Mentor serving adult clients in Phoenix, Arizona. True Self Institute, LLC, also offers art-making groups, networking events for therapists and other professionals, and one-one online coaching support for those not living in Arizona. Visit http://www.trueselfinstitute.com for more information.

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